Constrained adaptive sensing

This software package contains code that can be used to select an optimal set of measurements for sensing a sparse vector in the constrained setting. For further details, see the paper “Constrained adaptive sensing,” by M. A. Davenport, A. K. Massimino, D. Needell, and T. Woolf.

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The code can be downloaded here; see the included readme file for a detailed description of the contents and for usage instructions.


I wrote and maintain a couple of vim plugins:

  • match-up: allows you to highlight, navigate between, and operate on sets of matching language text (e.g., \begin{} and \end{} in LaTeX). stars
  • trade-winds: more easily move windows in complex layouts and convert between vertical and horizontal splits. stars

I have also had a few patches accepted into vim itself.


See my repositories at @andymass on github.